Complete Business Activity and Instalment Activity Statements

by Phillip Palmer & Sonia Deaner
10th Edition (January, 2019)
  • $65.00

This detailed textbook is designed to teach students and professionals to accurately account for and report Activity Statement items. The book also contains information on registering as a BAS Agent, maintaining currency and BAS services best practices. PAYG Instalments and Withholding are covered in detail, allowing IAS preparation for a wide variety of taxpayers.

The principles learned in the text can be applied to any accounting system, and extend to more advanced practical considerations such as cash reporting from accrual records, calculating WET and LCT and variations. The book also covers Simpler BAS requirements for small businesses.

The book includes MYOB exercises covering common, problematic GST transactions and reconciliation procedures.

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The book is mapped to FNSTPB401 Complete Business Activity and Instalment Activity Statements, and includes the following materials to prescribing institutions:

  • Review Quizzes for each chapter
  • Fully worked solutions to all exercises
  • Pre-licensed MYOB files
  • Assessment exercises

Prior editions of this textbook covered FNSBKG404 or FNSBKG404A and were titled Carry Out Business Activity and Instalment Activity Statement Tasks or Carry Out BAS and IAS Tasks.



Chapter 1: The Business Tax System
1.1 Creating a Business
1.2 Operating a Business
1.3 Introduction to Activity Statements
1.4 Providing BAS Services
1.5 Income Tax

Chapter 2: PAYG and the Instalment Activity Statement
2.1 What is PAYG?
2.2 The PAYG Withholding System
2.3 PAYG Tax Withheld and Activity Statements
2.4 The PAYG Instalment System
2.5 PAYG Instalments and Activity Statements
2.6 Completing Instalment Activity Statements

Chapter 3: The Goods and Services Tax
3.1 The Mechanics of GST and the BAS
3.2 Types of Supply
3.3 Methods for Calculating GST Liability
3.4 The GST Calculation Worksheet: GST on Sales
3.5 The GST Calculation Worksheet: GST on Purchases

Chapter 4: Other Reporting Requirements
4.1 Luxury Car Tax
4.2 Fuel Tax Credits
4.3 Wine Equalisation Tax
4.4 Fringe Benefits Tax

Chapter 5: Completing the Business Activity Statement
5.1 Payment
5.2 GST Reporting Periods
5.3 BAS Form Types
5.4 Completing the BAS

Chapter 6: Advanced BAS Topics
6.1 Cash or Accrual Accounting
6.2 The Accounts Method
6.3 Interacting with the Australian Taxation Office
6.4 Lodgement of Activity Statements
6.5 Payment and Refunds
6.6 Errors and Adjustments
6.7 Cash Flow Management for Taxation Liabilities
Chapter 7: BAS Preparation in a Computerised Accounting System
7.1 Tax Codes
7.2 Processing BAS and GST Transactions in MYOB
7.3 MYOB BASlink


Subjects covered:
FNSTPB401 - Complete Business Activity and Instalment Activity Statements

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