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The Application of Legal Principles in Business (FNS15)

by Penelope McCann
1st Edition (January, 2016)
  • $180.00

Note there is a new edition of this pack available from January 2019. If you are purchasing this pack for a class commencing in 2019, you may need the new edition. To see the 2019 edition click here.

Written specifically for FNS15, this pack of three texts covers the three Diploma level law units which form part of the academic requirements for Tax Agents. Structured similarly to Make Decisions in a Legal Context, these texts are practical and targeted to Business/Commerce students.

Subjects covered:
FNSTPB503 - Apply legal principles in consumer and contract law
FNSTPB504 - Apply legal principles in corporations and trust law
FNSTPB505 - Apply legal principles in property law

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