Carry out Business Activity & Instalment Activity Statement Tasks

by Phillip Charles & Sonia Deaner
9th Edition (January, 2018)
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Note there is a new edition of this textbook available from January 2019. If you are purchasing this book for a class commencing in 2019, you may need the new edition. To see the 2019 edition click here.

This detailed textbook is designed to teach students and professionals to accurately account for and report Activity Statement items. The book also contains information on registering as a BAS Agent, maintaining currency and BAS services best practises.

Each line item of the BAS or IAS is explained - what's included, what isn't, and practice exercises immediately testing the student's understanding of the material. Realistic case studies and examples are used throughout, and each chapter contains a number of Chapter Review Questions.

The principles learned in the text can be applied to any accounting system; manual or computerised, and extend to advanced practical considerations such as cash reporting from accrual records, calculating WET and LCT and variations.

The 9th Edition is current as at 1 January 2018 and all examples and exercises are set in the 2018 tax year. 

Chapter 7 of the text steps students through BAS preparation in a computerised accounting system, and is accompanied by MYOB AccountRight 2017.2 practical exercises.

Click here to download MYOB AccountRight 2017.2

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Subjects covered:
FNSBKG404 - Carry Out Business Activity and Instalment Activity Tasks

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