Taxation Law and Practice

by Geoff Cliff, John Taggart & Rex Walsh
6th Edition (January, 2021)
  • $120.00

Taxation Law and Practice is designed to support lecturers, tutors and students in the practical application of taxation laws. The book is aligned to taxation law subjects commonly offered in Australian undergraduate and postgraduate Accounting programs.

The book aims to present complex principles as simply as possible, focusing on common areas of misunderstanding and highlighting compliance risk areas in each topic. Each chapter contains numerous worked examples, self testing
exercises and graded review questions. Accompanying the textbook is an interactive
digital edition, worked solutions to chapter review questions, lecture slides and additional case studies.

This text is designed to cover Competency Area 9: Taxation of the accreditation standards, and includes all relevant legislation enacted at 1st January 2021.

Learning Outcomes covered in this text:

  • Identify the sources of taxation law and the framework in which taxation is administered.
  • Identify various types of taxation including income tax, consumption taxes, and taxes on capital.
  • Identify and apply the fundamentals of calculating the taxable income and tax payable for individuals and entities.

Subjects covered:

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