Conduct Business Activities Using Xero

by Greg Pazmandy & Judith Mulley
2nd Edition (January, 2022)
  • $79.00

This text, which doesn't require any prior accounting or bookkeeping knowledge, introduces students to the Xero cloud accounting platform.

File set up, transaction processing and reporting for two simulation business are covered in the book.

Xero files can be created by logging in to, or via your college or university Learning Management System.

You'll have access to each of the files you create for six months, after which it will be deleted.

An extra, blank Xero organisation file is also provided for assessment purposes if needed.

Chapter List:
01 Introducing Xero and Computerised Accounting Procedures
02 Sweet Pink
03 Set up the Organisation and the Chart of Accounts
04 Record Sweet Pink's May Transactions and Produce Reports
05 Record Sweet Pink's June Transactions and Produce Reports
06 Board Ryder
07 Set up the Organisation and the Chart of Accounts
08 Record Board Ryder's July Transactions and Produce Reports
09 Record Board Ryder's August Transactions and Produce Reports
10 Record Board Ryder's September Transactions and Produce Reports

Subjects covered:
FNSACC304 - Conduct business activities using a computerised accounting system

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