Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Where can I access supporting resources for my books?

Some paperback books come with supporting resources. If you have purchased a book that comes with supporting resources, details on how to access them will be emailed to you. For this reason, it is important that you include your email address in the checkout process. 

What is a Digital Edition?

Learn Now’s Digital Editions are interactive, online versions of our popular textbooks. The Digital Edition is designed to replace the printed textbook for students who would prefer it. They work particularly well if studying through Online or Distance Learning. Learn more here.


Is a Digital Edition an e-book?

Yes, it’s an e-book in that it puts all the textbook learning content on your computer or mobile screen, but it also contains interactive and multimedia elements.


How do I buy a Digital Edition?

On this online store! Simply find the item you want, add it to your cart, log in and then checkout. Your purchases will be added to your account to view immediately.


I already purchased a Digital Edition, how do I access it?

You will be automatically transferred to your My Books page to view your purchased content.


Can I only access my Digital Edition once?

All Digital Edition purchases are valid for 13 months and grant unlimited access to the purchased content over that period.


Can I buy access to multiple books and do I have to buy them all at the same time?

Access to any purchase is linked to your email provided on the checkout page. You may buy access to as many titles as you like and at any time. All items will be added to your learning management account created after the checkout.


Can I print the Digital Edition?

No, the learning materials can only be read from the screen. However, some digital editions are accompanied by printable materials such as question templates. If you prefer the printed materials, please purchase the printed textbook.


Can I view the Digital Edition when I’m not connected to the internet?

No, the Digital Edition can only be viewed through a web browser, while connected to the internet.


Does the Digital Edition require a fast internet connection?

No, the Digital Editions are divided into relatively small file sizes, and content that would take thirty minutes to read and complete takes less than a second to load on standard internet connections.

Some Digital Editions contain multimedia elements such as videos, which may take too long to load on slow connections. If necessary these elements can be skipped.


Can a College or University make your Digital Editions available to its students through its own LMS?

Yes, with a licence agreement the Digital Editions can be delivered through an LMS supporting LTI/External Tools or AICC SCORM packaging.
If a college would like the Digital Edition available through its own LMS, then the college must pay for access on the student’s behalf.
Please contact Learn Now Publications on +612 8039 5390 for more information.

What supporting resources accompany the Digital Editions?

Electronic Review Questions:
These self-marking sets of questions reproduce selected Self-Testing Exercises and Chapter Review Questions, and can also be supplied to colleges through External Tools (so students’ marks are fed directly to your LMS).

If students are accessing the Digital Edition through LNOnline, they can print a report of their performance in each set of Questions.

Printable Question Workbooks:
These printable Workbooks contain templates for a number of detailed questions for each module of each unit. These questions are usually more complex than those produced electronically – they’re the questions that just work better on paper. For some subject areas, like budgeting, these are also available as spreadsheets.
Solution Manuals:
Printable solutions to Workbook questions.


Any other questions?

For further information please contact: