Payroll Accounting using Xero

by Judith Mulley
2nd Edition (January, 2024)
  • $89.00

This book includes access to Xero and a number of practice organisations to complete the exercises. Students can access each organisation for six months.

This Second Edition has been updated to cover all relevant legislation as at 1 January 2024 and now includes:

  • Increased coverage of STP filings and finalisations, including reconciliations
  • Coverage of payroll opening balances when migrating to Xero
  • Changes to the Xero user interface as at 1 January 2024

Payroll Accounting using Xero introduces bookkeepers to payroll concepts, definitions and calculations, and the use of Xero’s payroll functions. To build understanding, the first half of the book uses a simplified manual payroll system to illustrate the application of payroll accounting concepts, Fair Work requirements, and relevant taxation and employment legislation.

Bookkeepers are then introduced to Xero Payroll, establishing payroll systems for new and existing businesses in accordance with STP Phase 2 requirements, paying employees and entitlements, and performing year-end procedures.

In addition to the worked exercises and end of chapter exercises, comprehensive exercises are included. An assessment exercise is provided to prescribing educational institutions.

Subjects covered:
FNSTPB412 - Establish and maintain payroll systems

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