Business Computing using Microsoft Office 2016/19

by Pazmandy, Bedford & Govendir
6th Edition (July, 2019)
  • $99.00

Covers Microsoft Office 2016 and 2019.

Chapter List:
Section 1: Business Documents and Office Technology
Chapter 1 Introduction to Information Technology
Chapter 2 Windows
Chapter 3 Managing Information using Folders and Files
Chapter 4 Internet and Email
Chapter 5 Write and Design Business Documents

Section 2: Microsoft Word
Chapter 6 Introduction to Microsoft Word
Chapter 7 Formatting Documents
Chapter 8 Effective Word Processing
Chapter 9 Business Documents: Illustrative Examples

Section 3: Microsoft Excel
Chapter 10 Introduction to Microsoft Excel
Chapter 11 Effective Spreadsheet Utilisation
Chapter 12 Spreadsheet Presentation
Chapter 13 Spreadsheet Productivity Tools
Chapter 14 Analytical Charts and Graphics
Chapter 15 Incorporating Spreadsheet Data in a Word Document
Chapter 16 Date Functions
Chapter 17 Statistical Analysis & Forecasting
Chapter 18 Financial Functions
Chapter 19 Logical Functions
Chapter 20 Lookup Tables
Chapter 21 Goal Seeking and Solver Optimisation Modelling
Chapter 22 Database Operations and Pivot Tables
Chapter 23 Spreadsheet Macros

Section 4: Microsoft PowerPoint
Chapter 24 Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint
Chapter 25 Advanced Data Entry Procedures
Chapter 26 Customising and Printing the Presentation

Subjects covered:
BSBWOR204 - Use Business Technology
BSBWRT301 - Write Simple Documents
BSBITU314 - Design and produce spreadsheets
BSBITU306 - Design and Produce Business Documents
BSBITU402 - Develop and Use Complex Spreadsheets

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