Accounting for Management Decisions

Accounting for Management Decisions

by Dr Charles Lo
2nd Edition (January, 2018)
  • $132.00

Introductory Bookkeeping procedures, Financial Accounting & Management Accounting for Postgraduate Accounting courses

Chapter List:
01 Accounting and Bookkeeping Fundamentals and GST
02 The Double Entry System
03 Specialised Journals
04 Managing Debtors
05 Adjusting and Closing Entries
06 Statement of Cash Flows
07 Financial Statements Ratios and Analysing Business Performance
08 Environmental Accounting and Sustainability Reporting
09 The Budgeting Process
10 Sales and Revenue Budgets
11 Cash Budgets
12 Cost Volume Profit Analysis
13 Product Costing Systems The Cost Accounting Cycle
14 Product Costing Systems Process Costing
15 Pricing Decisions Relevant Cost Analysis

Subjects covered:
Accounting for Management Decisions

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