Company Law for Business

by Prafula Pearce
2nd Edition (February, 2020)
  • $69.00

This is a package containing the Company Law for Business Workbook and extracts of legislation.

Chapter List:
01 About Companies, Company Law, and The Legal Nature of Companies
02 Piercing the Corporate Veil and Companies and Business Planning
03 Registration of Companies and Constituting Companies
04 Managing Companies, Members' Meetings and Company Directors And Other Officers
05 Transacting by Companies
06 Directors' Duties - Part 1
07 Director's Duties - Part 2
08 Members Remedies and Reporting and Disclosure
09 Financing Companies, Shares and Shareholding and Financial Services Regulations
10 Capital Maintenance and Securities Offers and Issues (Fundraising)
11 External Administration and Winding Up

Subjects covered:

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