Providing Payroll Services: Functional Management and Processes

Providing Payroll Services: Functional Management and Processes

by Judith Mulley & Almudena Barron
2nd Edition (April, 2021)
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This book covers four of the core units found in the Diploma of Payroll Services. You will receive a paperback and the digital edition with purchase.

Purchase of this book includes access to the Learn Now Practice Payroll System for one student user, for 13 months, in accordance with our Terms. The System is powered by KeyPay and allows you to apply the content delivered in a simulated work environment.

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This is the first book in the Providing Payroll Services series, book two can be purchased here.

Chapter List:
Book 1: BSBHRM526 - Manage Payroll

01 Establish Procedures for Payroll Management
02 Prepare Payroll Data
03 Authorise Payment of Salaries/Wages
04 Administer Salary Records

Book 2: Introduction to the Practice Payroll System, Powered by Keypay

01 Introduction to the Practice Payroll System, Powered by KeyPay

Book 3: FNSPAY501 - Process Salary Packaging Arrangements and Additional Allowances in Payroll

01 Analyse Oganisation's Salary Packaging and Allowance Arrangements
02 Assist Employees to Interpret Salary Packaging Arrangements
03 Process Salary Packaging Arrangements in Payroll System
04 Process Additional Allowances in Payroll System
05 Issue Payment and Document Outcomes

Book 4: FNSPAY502 - Process Superannuation Payments in Payroll

01 Establish Parameters and Systems for Superannuation Payments
02 Collect and Prepare Information
03 Calculate and Verify Superannuation Payments
04 Distribute and Maintain Information about Superannuation Payments

Book 5: FNSPAY503 - Process Complex Employee Terminations in Payroll

01 Gather Employee Information and Verify Organisational Termination Requirements
02 Prepare Information for Termination
03 Process Termination
04 Document Termination Process Outcome and Maintain Information

Subjects covered:
BSBHRM526 - Manage payroll
FNSPAY501 - Process salary packaging arrangements and additional allowances in payroll
FNSPAY502 - Process superannuation payments in payroll
FNSPAY503 - Process complex employee terminations in payroll.

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