Prepare Tax Documentation for Individuals

by Peter Baker, Geoff Cliff & Sonia Deaner
18th Edition (January, 2022)
  • $109.00

A new edition of this title covering the FNS50222 unit FNSACC522 Prepare tax documentation for individuals will be available in 2024.

Chapter List:
01 Introduction to Income Tax
02 Assessable Income
03 Exempt Income and Non-Assessable Non-Exempt Income
04 Capital Gains
05 Termination and Retirement Payments
06 Small Business Entities
07 Trading Stock
08 General Deductions
09 Specific Deductions
10 Decline in Value and Capital Allowances
11 Tax Offsets
12 Tax Losses
13 Income Tax Returns – Individuals
14 Tax Administration
15 Review Assessments

Subjects covered:
FNSACC512 - Prepare Tax Documentation for Individuals

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