Establish and Maintain Payroll Systems using MYOB AccountRight 2022

by Anne Collins & Greg Pazmandy
12th Edition (July, 2022)
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Note that MYOB have announced that MYOB AccountRight will not be available for education use from 30 June 2023.

Click here to view the newer edition utilising Xero.

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1. The Payroll System

 Research Project

2. Payroll Calculations

3. Processing Payroll

4. Entitlements and Reporting Procedures

 Simulation Exercise


5. Preparing Payroll

6. Establishing and Maintaining the System

7. Month-End and Year-End Procedures

 MYOB Practice Exercise

Subjects covered:
FNSTPB412 - Establish and maintain payroll systems
FNSTPB402 - Establish and maintain payroll systems

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